My Soft Plurality

I like plural words…
cus “S” softens syllables…

adds blurry velvets to names.
You are stones and blurry velvets overlaid

with steel, over and under
and blurry velvet insides

singing of snuggles and tickles
and sorrows too…you are plural, you.

I receive treasures unto my heart…
I have always done,

whether I was able to say or thought to say…
because my grandmother, who taught me such manners as I have

made sure to teach me tenses and how to see small shadows
in the gardens of nurturing and tending hearts.

Thank you for statements that you make…you are,
your solid sure plurality is a such a glad good check for me,

and your recounting of our history, well
all the better to project the future of our we.

What I mean is that your core vitality emerges and defines itself
as you tire of your current doing and relax into the coming being

and the realization you have aggregated resources of preparation
for your plural destiny…of this I am certain, sure, my dear…

Of that I am sure and certain, my dear,
my soft plurality.a5be72dc1c85c207dfde3a6e8513f5e0


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