Can you stop killing us for just one week?

Jan 1st to Feb 22nd 2015 one Transgender person is being murdered every 29 hours. | Planet Transgender.

Constance…did you realize this?

I invite you to consider this request.

Being called he/she, and having it justified by a spiritual comment, well it smacks a bit of feeling like getting groomed for other, deeper transgressions.

It is a true reality that I could get murdered, just for walking transgender.

As long as you cis people read and feel all bad and stuff, and then see what’s on tv, we will keep being killed.  No one will stop killing us until they are forced to stop…a bit like the police force and their wanton slaughter of young black men.

Please…we really are not doing anything to you.  Just let us live.

The Last Week of February is Worldwide

4 thoughts on “Can you stop killing us for just one week?

  1. Charissa, sweetheart, I get so overwhelmed by your posts that it interferes with my ability to write coherently. Please know, that I am reading them, and praying. When I cannot speak or type, I still pray. I struggle with knowing that I am part of the them that has hurt you. I want to be better, do better, love better and fight harder. I’m not looking for a thank you… this is coming out all wrong. My point was that even when I don’t click like on your post, or obviously reply, that doesn’t mean that you have haven’t gotten my attention. Love and more love, Rebecca

    • Thank you, Becca…that is literally one of the most cherished comments I have ever received, and it will be in my special lil ditty-bag of precious talismans.

      so blessed to have met you, so blessed by the road that is unfolding…thank you for being willing to be a part of my life. It has been empty of friends so far, and now Mama is putting such amazing women into my life that I am feeling like Eliza Doolittle in “My Fair Lady!”

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