My Only Comment on this…

…50 Shades of Grey…

yeah, I could rant about what is objectionable there for days on end.  From the topic to the takeaway, and even deeper.

I don’t like it on so many levels…and yes, I was aware of what this was a few years back when it was just an online forum fan fiction piece that started making waves.

If you have bothered to read here much, you know my feelings about sexuality and sexual expression, and why.  I want to emphasize that my objections to this thing transcend any particular picadillo or preference or pain or pleasure.

That is like objecting that rain is wet.

It goes so much deeper and thus gets easily overlooked in the assessment of cowardice that just freaking drives me crazy:  “Well, whatever it takes to make you happy, I support that”.

NO!!  I hear that all the time, and what makes us happy is rarely ever understood even by us or even effective at that so called happiness-production!

But I digress, and begin to rant about this…50 Shades of Prey (I mean Grey)


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