It caged me in its cold confining bars.
Long have I been its lost and longing thrall,
its tenant-serf of weary plodding on.
Its tentacles clung round my throat, my eyes,
and darkness was its cruel confederate
who caged my strong uprising Ne’er-Say-Die.


But lately, through these months of journey labor,
I’ve groaned and strained to heave off shell and shield!
Bright-beauty-bursts-dark, red, that primal pulse
sings in my veins and I feel me revealed,
but tentative in fragile waking Joy.


For I am soft, and never more me clothed
with harmour. I am closed, but only just
in poise for the Great Opening to come,
my exit from the carapace that clung…

Her Song and Sun e’er on my windswept face,
I’ll live now, bravely, on the precipice.


6 thoughts on “Carapace

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  4. “…I am closed, but only just
    in poise for the Great Opening to come,”

    Yes, yes!!!
    The “Great Opening”.


    P.S. This is what happens when I can’t keep up with your raging current. I miss things 😦

    • omg imagine it you are the dingy named Charissa trying to navigate this flow?? lol

      yeah…that’s okay…I have been combing, setting things aside…and Mama will signal and they will shine in the night as beacons

      PS: I just loved the word I coined: “harmour”

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