Unstained Melody

The crooning strains tugging, pulling and
my keyboard unfurls within me
and wriggles itself to limber up.
Its scales tinkle and shimmer
and I hear them, feel them itch within
for fingers to reach and trust
that they will be worthy and true means
to a beautiful melody’s end.

But know…
see what you do…
the rough rock
and dumb
unthrumming stone
that clunks and never ever
shall touch and unlock that
molten and unbridled core,
shall never be played so
my strains would soar
like smoky keys
thru keyholes of passion
to unlock desire.tumblr_n1hkw6As0R1rkjsoyo1_1280Acquiescing I hunch down,
grunt up some cover
and tamp down forever
that writhing living
crystal keyboard of
my soul,
my beauty,
my shine,
for fingers of faith are few,
and another symphony passes stillborn
and adds its own tone to my

Unstained Melody.


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