‘What’s between your legs?’ is the new ‘So what do you do in bed?’ – LGBTQ Nation

Thank you sooo much to Cathy Renna, and her advocacy on our behalf.  Her essay is thoughtful, bright, and has educational information packed into a very insightful and interesting read.


‘What’s between your legs?’ is the new ‘So what do you do in bed?’ – LGBTQ Nation.

7 Photos of Courageous Women Speaking Out Against Corrective Rape in America – PolicyMic

PLEASE!!!  Go check out this project.  It is heartbreaking, and inspiring all at once, seeing the devastation wreaked by selfish hate and lust…but even greater the indomitable spirit and raw determination to live and thrive that these amazing women have.

And then…think about all the ways that our current paradigm empowers and fosters rape culture.

Then weep and mourn, repent, and vow to live better.


7 Photos of Courageous Women Speaking Out Against Corrective Rape in America – PolicyMic.

Piled, Pierced, and at Peace

See her, here.

Broken tops and
edges gathered softly and
with gentle timing.
Rubble, rubbish,
ruin and remains

racked up,
just so…just so.

Holes and wounds gaping,
whistling and singing in
every flickering breeze,
and light running
full and free
wherever She sends,
wherever She leads.

I am Her Tor,
Her Tribute,
Her Trophy
and my heart
is Her Altar
Spilling Grace


How deeply gender assumption runs!

I saw this lovely little cartoon, and loved the sentiment.  But I had to search, looking for myself in this depiction:  Where am I at?


It is so deep as to nearly be a reflex, a knee-jerk, to define a new infant immediately as one of the genders our binary dictates.  Even for us in the LGTB community it is hard not to gender others without thought, based strictly on outward appearances, whether they be dress or biology.

To see others as precious, as Image-Bearers of the Divine, as wonders waiting revelation, as infinite sources of amazing and unique expression…this is a good habit to cultivate.

Won’t you join me today, Charissa Grace, transgender woman who is daily finding rest and confidence in my being, and ask for open heart, open eyes, & open ears?

Ya never know…perhaps that will be the spark that finally ignites us to burst into flaming actuality of our towering potential together!


My Heart Dares

My high hills have heaved into mountains!
They’re muscling and bunching with glory
and streaming my Star-Ribbon story.

Hills of want, hills of pining and yearning
were worn down by storm torrents and winds,
became mounds, became cairns to lost futures
for this poor girl born so out of time
and so life-lorn and null in her place.

But up! They have been drawn, been pushed,
been called clarion and clear, brassy-broad,
with fresh timeless bright voice, they have answered,
and begun to grow high right before me,
in my solemn amazed wide eyed presence.

And my heart dares to become a mountain!
Thrusting boldly through stained steely clouds,
into blaze, into dithery-dazzle,
into light and life, cold and warm sun,
and they thrive midst glad gales of good Portent!
Noble sigils and icons of trust,
And I let my glad self stand and live!

Thus I sing to the Dwellers in Shinar
lift your heads, lift your eyes, lift your hearts
Take you hope, take ye courage and comfort,
Grace and Peace be your portion,