Going and Coming

In misty morning’s early grasp
autumn rituals of smoke
and crackly leaves
lay strewn around about…


and I hover
twixt two times,
two places and wandering
from side to side
and place to place
and me to me,
fading, forming,
transparent and thin
dropping (fig) leaves.


this tree longs
to slumber
and lay dormant
awaken and
break free…


I take on form and visage
and gather threads together
of my true heart,
and feed to life’s
warp and weft and beam
till I am fashioned again,
with face and substance shining…

Her glowing Grace-Kissed Gleam.







3 thoughts on “Going and Coming

  1. This feels so……..I don’t know- internal and deep to me. I get a strong sense of quiet and strength and yes, transformation from deep within.

    • Thanks Kat…I truly love this poem. It captures the feel of Autumn, and it captures that transformation from my old self moving to death, faithful in having brought me as far as it did…and then that time dormant and dead in the ground…ready to emerge.

      I think I have come a long way since last year!!

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