What I Want To Say

It’s as simple as it can be.
I’ll leave the clothes off my words
and address you nakedly as anyone can

Each one was perfect–
that is what I want to say–
The perfection found
only in loving.

Do you understand?
It seems against everything we know and
It seems against everything we believe and
It is true.

To say “I love you” is a humiliation for
It is the Absolute Narrowing of Possibilities
And everyone, down to
the last one
Dreads it…and wants it…

For only in narrowing is found
Endless widening freedom.

Image 002



Plunging, plunging with screaming speed,
Oh Eagle of Flame, Whose lidless eyes
Have looked into the Light behind the sun.

When all other creatures are blinded
You soar–and then–faster faster
With talons outspread–You plummet to earth.

To spit fire and speak
Speak of Her!  Firebird–Flaming One
Give me words of purity!