On the Beach

On the Beach

in sand, feet planted firmly
world spinning and whirring for moments
and moments

as tides advance in quick ranks
the foot soldiers of time
licking at the shore, nibbling with
foamy teeth and laughing in sandy throats.

I have watched decades for tide wars
and dances, as life ebbs and flows
in flux always, changing always but
steady, reliableā€¦tangible and present.

I have seen it go around, and then come around again.
I draw comfort as I stand
and flex my toes in the loamy sand of you
and listen to your tides

quick and bright in small steady waves of order.
I have stood through storms, and through
Waxing, waning waves and winds
as planet you whirls and spins and turns.

And I have seen the tide come back in.
And I am content,
in the wind.






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