Crystal Clarity

In the 11th hour
late, when wolves tire and
fall silent while silence howls for them…

Firelight ebbs and heat
retreats anemone like
as Cold Frosty Fingers touch it, poke it.

I rise from slumber, and smoke is blown away by
Cleansing icy arctic cold breaths.
Puffing and Huffing and blowing it away…

drowsiness dashed in the face by icewater
Thrown like wedding rice…and Deliverance
Waves her smelling salts under my nose.

My eyes snap open…wide…
awake, fully awake, again.
Thralldom swept aside,

indulgent chocolate emotional bon-bons tossed
Out and into the streets of never was land.
I open the door and let the frigid wind

embrace me, ravage me…
scrub me clean and cleanse me
North Winds of Truth and Sanity.

My eyes are open, and I am free,
to walk and look in
Crystal Clarity.

me in moments of chrystal truth

3 thoughts on “Crystal Clarity

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