Crystal Clarity

In the 11th hour
late, when wolves tire and
fall silent while silence howls for them…

Firelight ebbs and heat
retreats anemone like
as Cold Frosty Fingers touch it, poke it.

I rise from slumber, and smoke is blown away by
Cleansing icy arctic cold breaths.
Puffing and Huffing and blowing it away…

drowsiness dashed in the face by icewater
Thrown like wedding rice…and Deliverance
Waves her smelling salts under my nose.

My eyes snap open…wide…
awake, fully awake, again.
Thralldom swept aside,

indulgent chocolate emotional bon-bons tossed
Out and into the streets of never was land.
I open the door and let the frigid wind

embrace me, ravage me…
scrub me clean and cleanse me
North Winds of Truth and Sanity.

My eyes are open, and I am free,
to walk and look in
Crystal Clarity.

me in moments of chrystal truth

On the Beach

On the Beach

in sand, feet planted firmly
world spinning and whirring for moments
and moments

as tides advance in quick ranks
the foot soldiers of time
licking at the shore, nibbling with
foamy teeth and laughing in sandy throats.

I have watched decades for tide wars
and dances, as life ebbs and flows
in flux always, changing always but
steady, reliable…tangible and present.

I have seen it go around, and then come around again.
I draw comfort as I stand
and flex my toes in the loamy sand of you
and listen to your tides

quick and bright in small steady waves of order.
I have stood through storms, and through
Waxing, waning waves and winds
as planet you whirls and spins and turns.

And I have seen the tide come back in.
And I am content,
in the wind.






Jewels in the Dung Heap

And there,
in the midst of the dung heap
a simple pearl, formed thru travail and trial,
given birth to by Lady Wisdom.

Daddy died and farm lost
and fresh start which was so scary…
perhaps just the beginning
of the end?

But a flock of friends,
well, really just one oyster
swallowed this solitary sand grain
and made a pearl


lelo on low,
on medium,
lelo on high
angels we have heard on high


So simple, yet so rare
in the dung of narcissistic natter.
and the tumult fades,
drowned out like flames soused
by living waters.