Present in the Vanishing


And I endure, face forward
into steely storms of bracing
crystal whiplash raindrops.

Whirlwinds tempests, tendrils,
tongues, tempos swirling in,
ride and run like tides.
Face to face I stand in place
free in myself but chained to me.
And I endure, face forward.tumblr_mom8cmnXcY1re9wz2o1_500

Shall I dance,
invited to Solstice morphing
and spin, silky and gushing
wet my heart essence to
caress this creature?
Encase and bury her
inside a tomb of rest,
A womb of becoming?

Every blow,
every storm
strips me clean,
disappears me,
reveals me
Transforms me,
calls me,
uncoccoons me
Until I endure,
face forward.tumblr_m8yw6eN5ow1rsu7ylo1_500



Tears into Gold

Deeps call, cry, and break
on my heart in salty misty sheets
and then dissolve into tearful torrents
and groans.

There is much to weep for in this life,
and against too…and they stain
and leave their telltale tracks
(sandpipers cry and running evidences in the waves’ edges).
And yet.

And yet…from tears work a Power
A Grace
A Love

Benevolent Rumplestiltskin takes my dross
My straw and spins my
Tears into Gold.