Present in the Vanishing


And I endure, face forward
into steely storms of bracing
crystal whiplash raindrops.

Whirlwinds tempests, tendrils,
tongues, tempos swirling in,
ride and run like tides.
Face to face I stand in place
free in myself but chained to me.
And I endure, face forward.tumblr_mom8cmnXcY1re9wz2o1_500

Shall I dance,
invited to Solstice morphing
and spin, silky and gushing
wet my heart essence to
caress this creature?
Encase and bury her
inside a tomb of rest,
A womb of becoming?

Every blow,
every storm
strips me clean,
disappears me,
reveals me
Transforms me,
calls me,
uncoccoons me
Until I endure,
face forward.tumblr_m8yw6eN5ow1rsu7ylo1_500



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