That Monolithic Blue

yep…that’s it,
the monolith.
Hush! Shh, yeah,
I know I know
it’s beautiful,
yadda yadda yadda
cus blue and layers

it’s carved and worn
by wind and time
and it chips off
pieces of itself
that melt and feed

oceans, and then feed
cloud hopes, which become
streams, rivers, lakes
and again back
to become itself
once more
and monolithic blue
born anew.

but just stand
here, awhile with me,
where I am frozen
and caught in the glare
of its pressure and presence

and eventually
your face will grow numb
your toes will lose movement
and you will feel
the tempting tentative tickle
of its sinister frozen fingers

around your warm and tender
heart, so red,
so achingly red
and stark against
that monolithic blue.