Beauty Begs

Every part of our selves are open except our minds, and yet that is where so many people live…
In the smallest room in the house, in the basement of our being, but it is love that calls us out,
with a beauty that begs to be felt… and so begins the only game we will ever know,
the temptation of the soul from its shelter.
— David Enke


Beams Like Bones Inside

see it standing there
feet in lavender and
head touching the washed
blue sky breathing in
the scents of grapes
and souls

a winery, a church
one and the same
the place of crushing
and filtration,

the small and winding road
leads to the cavernous
inside, beams like
the bones inside Jonah’s Whale
and all swallowed within
who wish to become whole

but only in the crush
the broken shattering
can true wholeness emerge
in scents of lavender
and notes of bloody grapes


Bending Over Backwards

i find myself constantly
bending over backwards
to become the table
the banquet feasting table
that my enemies
come and sit down to
a meal that I serve up
before they rise and run
at me with their sharp spearstumblr_ont6e4SISs1uo87guo1_1280


The Breathing In Of Every Breath

there are those who claw at the universe
the way an anteater claws at a log
trying to scratch out beauty
in small ant-squiggle pieces
about 24 hours long
each one
then there are those who breathe,
who open their eyes and breathe
and blink in wonder and awe because
of what they see made beautiful
in the seeing, in the breathing in
of every breath
those who seek to consume
beauty and thus embody it
are doomed to dissolution
for flowers fade and wither
and end up burned and gone
but those who simply look
and look again in wonder
will find the Beauty flowing
within their eversouls

made beautiful
made beautiful