This Is My Eversong

There are lots of people who hate me…sounds maudlin and self-pitying, doesn’t it?

It’s true though.

Some hate me because I am transgender.
Some hate me because I stand for stuff.

And some hate me because I love God…

Let it be known:  once and for all and forever:  I love God, and I always will.

Always.  I love Jesus Christ with my whole entire heart, and the distance between His lovely heart and my own broken and evil heart is covered in the sweet Grace of Holy Spirit whom I call Mama…and between the two of Them They take me to the Father in Heaven whom I love too…and They make me Righteous and Clean.

I will never ever quail or turn away.

That is not a boast that I will never deny Them or turn away…oh God no…if given half a chance, I am certain I would fail Them just as I allus have failed everyone whom I love.  I am frail, I am but dust.  But see…They have shown me Their love…and I cannot go anywhere else…I will not go anywhere else, for They have said “Whosoever will…”

and I will.

You who mock me, who jeer and ask “Where is your god?”  You who abandon, who flee me because I am now anathema and unclean, guilty of capital crimes of gender variance…this is my song and will ever be.


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