Sensitively Fashioned

I am posting the paragraphs below because they describe me, inside. Oh no…not on the outside, I am large and just…well, Ima avoid saying.
But I am really struggling tonite…it was a very tough week since Monday…on Monday I was traumatized and humiliated in the course of living my life. Someday I will post about it, but for now I think discretion is of the order.
Here is what I don’t get tonite though: why do I always have to “prove” myself, when others do not have to?
Why do I have to:
1. Prove I am legitimate…who I know I am
2. Prove that I am “safe”…cus the assumption is I MUST be a pervert.
3. Prove I am a person…not an “it” or a “that”
4. Be met with suspicion
“I asked God why He made me sensitive, and He promised me that it wasn’t a mistake. He told me He purposely made me delicate, not so I could shatter easily, not so I could be frail, not so I could be told I’m “too soft” whenever someone tries to touch me…it was so I could know of the gentle beauty in living.
“And in my tenderness, I can love in a way the world may not know of yet. My compassion has the power to speak raging waves to calmness and I can appreciate the little things He created that go unnoticed. There is something special in being fragile, and it has nothing to do with weakness, and everything to do with strength.
“Being sensitive is a gift, He answered, and I shouldn’t be ashamed of it.” 🌿