I Wear Your Blood With Honor

i gladly lay beneath you
i wear your blood with honor
it glistens on my white skin
like moonlight on the water

just lay me down here easy
and let your choice flow o’er me
i wear your blood with honor
like scars of precious battles

and every drop, it burns me
tattoos and marks forever
i wear your blood with honor
and ever me your banner

upon the leaping windsong
i wear your blood with honor
upon my face, my soft skin
i wear your blood like medals

And I Think Of You

i pull on
my stockings
soft and black
and i think of you

in the evening
i sit by the fire while
the teakettle sings
and i think of you

i pull up
my covers over
my sleepless visions
while the stars shimmer
shaking behind rainy cloudweeps
and i think of you.

i pull on
my silk blouse
it’s yellow and blue
and i wonder if i’ll
ever be good enough
and i think of you.

i have so much
to give you
meadows of emerald
skies of pure opal
red heart so true
soul of soft pink

and my
thoughts are just you
thoughts are still you
and i think of you
and i think of you

Thinking About Nothing

A man must dream
a long time in order
to act with grandeur…
and dreaming is
nursed in darkness.
Jean Genet

*****     *****     *****     *****     *****

and women?
what are dreams to women?
who work while it is day
and watch in darkest night
o’er all the sleeping dreamers
and their slumbering sight…

and what about me?
I, who sit and think
in the night’s
encompassing embrace.

I do not dream of grandeur
but watch in nights of dark
and I think about nothing
that thing impossible
distinguished from what is
and thus having being
in what it never is
and never can become…

I think about nothing.tumblr_nwqho2tUVz1qas1mto5_1280

Twining Ice And Fire

the ice is silent.
silent and perfect.
silent and perfect and blinding.

the silent
perfect blinding

the fire sings
sings and dances
sings and dances and sees

the singing
dancing seeing

see them twine
ice lacing flame
flame licking ice
heating and cooling
drips in drops
of unity.

i promise you
my love
though ice
ascendant rules the day
fire will win
in The Day

and thawing come
and passion rule
and only water
here remainingtumblr_nwhbu9NI2h1uvd0n3o1_1280