Twining Ice And Fire

the ice is silent.
silent and perfect.
silent and perfect and blinding.

the silent
perfect blinding

the fire sings
sings and dances
sings and dances and sees

the singing
dancing seeing

see them twine
ice lacing flame
flame licking ice
heating and cooling
drips in drops
of unity.

i promise you
my love
though ice
ascendant rules the day
fire will win
in The Day

and thawing come
and passion rule
and only water
here remainingtumblr_nwhbu9NI2h1uvd0n3o1_1280

I Shocked The Snow

When it fell certain,
so sure in icy curtain
that always found its weighty bosom
enough to smother any flame
and quench any taper burning,

it was shocked to touch my coal,
it recoiled from those embers
and gathered in itself
and gained in substance frozen
and thus renewed its fall.

But when it touched my petals
(those tulips in the snow)
with icy graspy fingers
around my petal’s throat
to choke out warmth and heat?

It found itself diminishing!
It found itself becoming flowery
losing all its crystal majesty
and melting into cool waters
that I drank to slake my thirst

And thus I knew myself, and sure
that I could withstand cold and ice
and still bloom in winter, hang the price!
My roots go deep in fire and joy
amidst the snows so white.tumblr_nylql1rkyd1qat5pio1_1280