Reaping Waves

I’m no Viking, not me!
Charissa Grace?
Pshaw…I do not sail
on waves like crops,
oars for ploughs
and battle lust for seed.
I shudder at the thought!
Of harvest moments
in peaceful lands
and no limits but my lusts
and the certainty of loss
at the end of Ragnarok.tumblr_not59dYYGf1s5u2cno1_500

I sail on clouds, on streams
on brook-magic mists rising
in the gentle night and dusky dawn
and sow in rose-glow song
to the fields of new morning
by the light of the Morning Star…

tears are my seed
laughter my harvest
in grace taken and shared
in the cycle of that itty bitty seed
so small, so unstoppable
so certain at the beginning
of the Endless Daytumblr_nqyd9yxhEh1s5neh1o1_1280

3 thoughts on “Reaping Waves

  1. Well you may not be the traditional image of a Viking raider, but as a skaldic bard you would grace the longhall of any jarl in the continent of Vinland… Such beautiful and deep imagery, as always, and such a evocative atmosphere and pace that lifts me into metaphysical realms, first of turmoil then of harmony.

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