Breaking Beans

the *snap* of crisp green beans
the smell of the fresh linen
infused with lacy scents
of baked bread lingering

the sound like
*past* and *present* and *future*
punctuated with
period.  period.  period.
and my heart the ellipsis that lingers

like the freshly baked bread.tumblr_npqjbzQDhF1thfeewo1_500I toss snappy green bodies
*broken for you*
into the big tin tub
that has held generations
of bloody green beans.

I hear the sound, somewhere between
a thump
and a ting
and the tremor of a gong,
the tolling of a bell

and you,
I hear the sound of you
breaking, snapping
and thumping into your tub.

This season could last forever
as far as I am concerned.

This season cannot roll past fast enough
if you want to know the truth.tumblr_nr28o2lNKD1u0xmcmo1_1280Truth.

I stare at the horizon (beyond)
as my fingers find familiar quan
in green beans
*snap*ping like

5 thoughts on “Breaking Beans

  1. Hey friend,
    I just posted a comment, but I think it got lost. Just erase if this is a repeat 🙂
    This begs to be read out loud and gleaned for understanding. Ironic that I was looking through old photos this morning (my daughter turns 21 today) and found one of her and daddy snapping beans. They were both shirtless on the living room floor – bean pods and aluminum bowls filled with produce. Photographs often muddy the memory, but I truly remember the “sound” of that day and your poetry brought it right back to me.
    You know that I have ZERO sophistication where poetry is concerned, so I’ll be reading this over and over. There’s something right there, that I can’t lay a finger on…I look forward to digging through the layers to find it.
    Gorgeous! xo

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