The Courageous Debi Jackson

Constance, I am posting here a speech given by Debi Jackson…it speaks for itself very well.  Debi is a woman who loves God, loves people, and has a transgender daughter whom she is championing in a way that I am totally certain makes Mama proud.

Please check it out and let your heart be encouraged that hate can never ever conquer.

Debi…from me my deepest thank you’s and admirations for making a way for your child.

If only…if only…

Love, Charissa

Debi Jackson PFLAG Speech


3 thoughts on “The Courageous Debi Jackson

  1. “I can assure you it happened, and I can tell you that young kids experiencing severe Gender Dysphoria can become so depressed that dying seems like a better option than living while being seen by everyone around them as the wrong gender.”

    This is beyond heartrending, Sis.

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