Too often we are all about ourselves…

WE are all about ourselves.
So freely we spout to each other
that we love one another, but this
is really only a way of saying we are
attracted enough to someone to want
to keep them around because they
fill some need in US.

But true love involves
sacrifice, and discipline
to do what is best
for the other person
regardless of how
it helps or hinders

And if you do not wish
to do that, it’s ok…just
don’t say you love them.

If you are carnivorous and
in love with a vegan,
will you insist
that they eat meat,
just because YOU do?
And yet that’s what’s done
all the time, regularly…

“Well, I myself simply
MUST be honest,
so if it hurts YOU
too bad”…

honesty is good,
but it is a lot like acid…
useful if used with wisdom
and applied properly,
and corrosive if strewn
willy nilly.

Sometimes being honest
leads us to share feelings
that in and of themselves
are incorrect, incomplete,
or self centered.

Thus the act of honesty is merely
a magnifying glass on our ass-holery.
Speak the truth in love.
THAT is true honesty.


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