Haunter of Worlds

You, who haunts my world
Echoes of meaning sounding like doves
Calling and cooing ‘cross the tumultuous river

You come walking
High fiery chariot flying
Wreathed in ribbons of flame

Yet where you burn ruin undoes
And the torrents tumble up and back
Source drawing all to Thyself

A great diamond draught

OH! Emissary eternal emerge!
Dare to glitter bold and green
And translucent

Dare to transcend and leave behind the fears of them
Who would equivocate and dilute One Truth into all truth.
Stand stark!  Reek of Eternity-fire, my Smoke, and FEAR NOT!

Coals from that altar seek lips, seek kisses…
Press past blistered parchedness and decimated crispy ashes!
Glide, RISE!!  Singular, unafraid and distinct!

Set apart, and unstoppable…

You…who haunts my world

Dearest Haunter of my world


One thought on “Haunter of Worlds

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