Falling Up Forever


you see walls blowing out
Hurricane Charissa has come
pressure changes,
waxing, waning
antiforce of nature

Hurled at walls
are my heartbeats,
my words, my
face-first running
I will shatter
your fist with my face
Face like Flint
and resolute.

I do not swerve.
I do not turn aside
Comet Charis
flashing fiery
in your sky
Portents of doom
to your darkness…
or to you.

your choice false one,
prevaricating one,
you will wear
that sneer inside out,
and find it smeared
on your visage permanent
while you scrub
with this cloth…

no wait,
THAT cloth…
no wait,
wrong gloves
and name.



You stand at a precipice,
crystal and sharp shards
behind you, dazzling you
with a million reflections of yourself
Narcissus indulged

but before you…
walls blown out
I pay no mind to walls
and yawning beneath you
the gaping gorge down
and down,
with whooshing whispers of…


Step off.
I dare you.
Step off and
fall to me, and
find yourself
rising in my arms.

For my world is upside down to you…

to live,
you must seek
to give away your life.
To be first
you must be last.
To be the greatest
you must be the least.
To be strong
you must be weak
To be wise
you must be foolish.

To fly up with me,
you must
with Charissa the weak
with Charissa the fool
with Charissa the last
with Charissa the dying

For I am falling up
and though NONE
go with me
I will fall…

Till I am flying away
and ever enter In,
higher up
and deeper in.


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