Velvet River


The following poem is of a sensually charged nature…if you are one who loves to take up offense and carry it like a badge of honor, if you are easily inflamed by the actions and words of others that you disagree with and then choose to be offended over, then you need to skip this post.

It is about desire, about connection, about the wondrous and primal physical analogue to the mysterious spiritual ecstasies that are woven into the warp and weft of our being human.  After all…we are spiritual beings who are having a physical experience, and yet we are also physical beings who are having a spiritual experience too (otherwise, what is the point of a physical resurrection???  Hmmm????

Anyway, I am not hiding on this blog, and I am going to share.  Look away if you are afraid, and read if you dare.

Velvet River

Darkness grips
with velvet claws and fastens
Fat and swollen
all around the bed…but soft
and welcome.

The darkness of becoming.
The unbecoming darkness.
The one at whose door
evil darkness can
only scratch in
frustration, shut out.

The darkness of a womb waiting.
The darkness of a room…
bed waiting…body aching…
The darkness of the moon,
Then you come,
sliding and gliding
hat low over
one steely glinty eye
behind which hides
a wide and glowy winking eye
merrily seeking me.

your tie askew,
your blouse undone
I lay in the darkness…
in the grip of velvet claws
Fat and swollen…echoing
my fat and swollen river banks

And the velvet river
wakes and stirs.

you sit
on the bed
and touch my legs
with that eye,
that glance,
that want.
And the river runs
velvet and soft
and your
touch is plush
your tongue my hero,
my champion.

sounds in the darkness
cannot be heard elsewhere
and i groan and moan
with longing and desire

and then
we plunge
into the river
and breathe

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