The Woman Caught in Adultery

I am thinking this morning of a woman who lived long ago…a woman caught in adultery.

In the very act.

She was dragged by her hair thru the streets, naked, weeping, screaming.

By men of so called righteous character and religious standing (not a lot has changed there over the years, the white-washed tombs!).

She was thrown at the feet of the One person on the planet who had the power over sin, but not as an offering, not to be healed…but as bait.

Objectified and made the personification of their own lust and self-loathing, they sought to use her to trap Him into an act of evil, an act that would join him into their religious system of oppression and abuse and control.

They threw the law into His face, like a handful of glass shards and demanded that He rule regarding the consequences for her.

She lay in the dust, face down, and tried to die inside on the spot…willing herself to non-being but only achieving that wretched state of being filled with her failure to the brim and overflowing…her brokenness, her loneliness, her rejection, her bruises all raised their voices in a cacophony of rage against the fact that she dared desire something better and more than what she had…and what she didn’t have.

Then, she tasted the dirt with her tongue, and realized that dirt tasted better than life and she gave herself to oblivion…

But He just sat there and stared at the monsters who, bloated and puffed up with rage and hatred and religious pride strutted around like erect raping cocks seeking any orifice that they could ravage and leave their caustic acid behind rendering each place barren.

His eyes saw…SAW…and then He turned to the dust and started writing in the dust with a finger.

Oh finger of God you write in our dust daily, you redeem our days with your touch, you humble yourself and draw near to us in our pique, our pride, our hurt and lonely lies!

The monsters were silent, and then again clamoured for a ruling…

His famous words…Let He who is without sin cast the first stone.

We have thrown that phrase at each other in self-justification for our own selfishness, thinking we can hide behind it to do what we want since everyone else has fallen short…

But what He was really doing was claiming the right that is His by LAW!  He was telling these mind f***ers, these heart rapers to get the f*** away, because He was there…the one without sin…and it was HIS RIGHT, HIS PLACE…to cast the first stone.

And then He was silent again…and wrote…

He writes today in the dirt of my heart, in the dust of the floor of my lonely and bereft spirit as I lay and eat dirt and seek oblivion, seek escape from my prison of days…

The monsters got bored…no pain to eat, no life to suck, no hearts to rend…until it was just her in the dirt, naked…bruised and torn…a hot mess of despair.

And then He touched her shoulder, with a hand that would later be rent, His heart already rent for her and flowing to her, and He got her attention and asked her where were her accusers?  Where?

She didn’t even know He was there, they were not there…she didn’t even know SHE was there, or where there WAS…

But she looked up and saw him, and nothing else…

If you want to know the end of her story, keep reading here…

But for now, understand this:  Redemption is real.  It comes from Love, and love comes from the one who writes in the dust, and has since time began.


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