On Well Trod Paths For The First Time

Walking in well trod paths, lined with costume jewelry, and
Mardi Gras Beads and party favors from last Chinese New Year.
Seeing what I have always seen? Am I?
Tin foil stars and Kmart Christmas ornaments,
and yard sale poems on plywood and velvet.
I know what they all say already……..

…but…wait, whaaa?
What did that one say??
OH!! Pearls, and emralds came from the Universe’s navel!
Wait…what did THAT one say?
Omg…Jewels and riches, and royal clothes.
Stupid me…I walked this path so often that I only saw what I had forgotten I saw!!

Seeing the forget is horrible, void.
But now I have crossed that thin line
and Damascus is in the rear view
and scales are gone
and I am flying, oh god…

Now I can see


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