I Fly Steady On

Past Lady Liberty, looming silent still
thru slant snow, icy, cold,
frozen feet firmly planted
atop the broken chains
of captives loosed, unbound.

Past her seeming sightless eyes
fixed on an end unseen (as yet)
by mortal eye, and unfelt by
frozen human hearts transfixed,
addicted to poisonous demon draughts,
dolorous naughts of racism,
of hate.

I fly steady on…I fly.
My breath a billows sucking air
frozen cold in sips so sharp
in hurty breaths  constricted, choked,
and exhalations honk their way
from my leaping, working chest
tugging me on towards Her Light,
into Liberty’s coming sun.

Follow…follow past frozen
Liberty so stark and solitary
standing witness silent
but never mute!

Follow me bravely
and let your frozen breath
be transformed into
HONKS of freedom
to the ones enslaved
still by fear and hatred.

I fly on, true.
I fly on.

Updates and another amazing, informative article

Yesterday we went to see my mom all day.  We left early in the morning around 4, and got in down there in time to get some yummy breakfast and then off to see her.  We took her to the mall, and in the process she discovered that she could actually make a trip via the transportation system by herself!  She was thrilled to experience some greater liberty and freedom…she is in assisted care due to a stroke.

I was reflecting on how she felt, and could empathize so deeply with her new hopes of freedom.  Though she does not know it, I too have been “bound” by genetics, and remanded to my own version of her wheel chair.  But this last week, I finally received my hormones from my doctors, and we celebrated together with cries of joy and some tears by me too, as I felt I could not contain my hope and my hope and my Hope!  One of my doctors is moving with her husband, and when she told me I was sad and felt a keening sense of loss.  But Lady Grace is soooo amazing, and knows all things.  The Father and Jesus and Her are watching over me with love and joy and care, and they brought a new doctor in, and she is exactly who I am ready for in this next phase

She is dynamic, bright, and has interned under another doctor who has helped other transgender women to transition.  She had been wanting to have her own to work with and use what she had learned, so she is totally jazzed to be working with me and is nearly as passionate about things as I am

I feel the right hormones inside, I feel them waking the centers and places that just ached, pined, and wept my whole life, starved of food but required to be present.

Hmmm…let me do a new post for the article/interview