Tears of Violet Flow

Tonite the rain
from the sky
in windy swells
and shower sighs,
oozing sideways
thru the grey
and slowly
this day
and watering me,
here, watching.tumblr_n3twukp8la1txnrn6o1_1280you, sitting there,
on that strange bus
Oh why’d you ride
that carriage dark,
Ah, why’d you treat
like a lark
to ride 
that sterile
Mystery Train
of darkling Truth,
forgetting lessons
learned in youth…
and me, stood there,
near, watching?tumblr_nn0ix69kSK1qat5pio1_1280Your brother ran

that show, so full
of twisted fairy
for fools
should know better,
don’t know worse
so they make sow’s ears
from silk purse,
intricate, smoke,
his modern show
of life and leisure,
ending bound up
and me, in agony,
watching.2008-5-10 Auschwitz No 2 - Final 6-24-2008 750
But then you turned,

you saw me there
and your face crumpled
as you stared,
and understanding
bum-rushed you
and carried you
from Timbuktu
into the truth
of you 
and me
and what our hearts
had knit 
free and 
of flesh, and 
of bone, 
you saw
there crying.tumblr_n9g7cv6wQk1r2tfp0o1_1280and then your face
turned inside out
and I saw your heart
all heliotrope
and bloodstone it
did drain 
back towards
the skies 
and then
it pushed out 
your eyes, 
and violet
tears ran 
your cheeks 
as your soul
in both
our grief 
while I was
there, waiting.tumblr_n4zmziYZZM1rue7wuo1_1280And you ran fast
towards the door
and it did open
what’s more
you knelt and fell
down to your knees
and wept so bitter
in your lees
and I ran to you,
there, crying.tumblr_nmm2173GmL1r3t8ico1_1280and you on that step,
wracked with sobbing
to beat the band
and me on that
hot pavement sharp
and biting, crying
harmonic to
you sighing, and
your face covered
in tears of violet
flow somewhere
between red, blue,
purple, and grey,
like your eyes,
of velvet, violet

and then I woke
before we could speak
the words our hearts
broke to say
and never cease to say

and you were gone
midst tears…
midst tears of violet flow
and me left,
there, cryingtumblr_nmqb8alChS1trfg04o1_540

Kat Got Your Tongue Challenge: My Dream


My Sissa, Kat, has issued her Monday challenge, in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.

She asks:  what is your dream?

Well…for me, my dream is to be able to live out the love and kindness and depths of grace that I have been given by God…but to do it in real ways that are tangible and tasteable, real and reeking with presence and heart.

My dream is to see what my theology teaches become actual and practically true in my life…we are taught that the Holy Spirit of God inhabits our bodies and works to sanctify us and transform us from one realm to another.  We are taught that this transformation is a work in process over time, and that humility is the gateway to enter in to this process.  And ultimately, we are taught that we become “mini-Incarnations” of God’s presence in this world.

Jesus made an irrevocable difference in this world.

I long to do that too!!

I want this reality to be present so much that people would then realize just how irrelevant gender orientation is by comparison to the greatness of this display…and gender is pretty gosh dang crucial!

I dream that those who know me would say “There goes Charissa…a lover of God and a lover of humans and a servant of good and lovingkindness.”

I have a long way to go, but then again, Kat didn’t ask about how close we were, did she?  Giggles!

Do justice.  Love mercy.  Walk Humbly…

Charissa Gracetumblr_n7wng1rmc91re9wz2o1_1280