Grace Upon Grace

Constance…Thank you for your patience with me as I am not writing new things right now…but do I ever, really?

Write new things…

Oh, I catch poems that have not yet been caged in words, and do so with some volume…but I dunno if they are new.

But I am focused on the election, and no, not the candidates…but the story this election is telling about the lurking horror inside so many in this nation, which is the seeds of destruction for so many souls.

In the meantime, enjoy some of the poems from the past as I post them.  You can also check out my FB page…if you are not yet a friend, request me with a message that you read at Grace Notes.  ❤

open me to new ways of looking at old wounds without examining them. give me grace to recreate loving space and mercy great for childhood, home and family. nourish me, here, I belong and have a pla…

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