Mama You Told Me

One last repost…it is the contrast here of the mountains and the valleys that creates the space in-between…a space that I love to write about.

Edges are not merely the furthest border of a given territory…Edges by definition are their own space, and time and place…transgender people inhabit edges in obvious given ways…but I write as I do, speak as I do so that you can tumble to the fact that all human beings live in “Edges”…

…it is what makes us human.

What are your edges?  Your furthest reaches?
And what “Edge” is that place that is you?

Mama’s words to me are mine.

You told me there would be silences, differences between mountain streams and valley brooks, You told me Your flow was warm, liquid collecting of the gifts and graces of valleys. You said my bracin…

Source: Mama You Told Me

Jacob’s Half-Sister

This is my naming poem.  It is one of my very favorite works…I am happy with the allusions, metaphors, the techniques and inferences…the resonances in the poem and the implications of a transwoman being a “half-sister”…

Well, I just love it and I hope that you can find some resonance that echoes to your own life.

words. swallowed in medicine times but found to be only poison slow half-life killers just in time spat out in relief, in apprehension, in hope… i am jacob’s half-sister confessing her …

Source: Jacob’s Half-Sister

Love And Breath

This is a re-post of a poem written last year…this goes out to my recent “Constances” who have come round after this poem was composed…I am so honored that you read here and I hope this poem rings a bell within.

When light fades in upside down slow burn that looks like sunset when it’s actually just God’s Hand on your heart Their dimmer switch of love spinning round on and off… brighter…

Source: Love And Breath