Sturm Und Dreck

Do you see it there?
In the sky?

Look up, and let
your heart free fly

That dull boat floating
right at your feet

Is just the mere reflection
of that airy Ship of State

And if you




you can board her decks
and sail away, away, forever
free from sturm und dreck

Crushed In Switzerland

that illusion is breaking up
like ice squeezed tight and crushed
in the fists of inevitability
and spring

there is no such thing as neutral
in a world pulled tight, pulled taut
between that endless winter
cold and bleak
and ravenous in black
consuming every weak
meek heart and undefended

and the coming
time of harvest
when all things
are marked
paid in full
and the ever-day
dawns without the sun
and sings unto the moon

“olly olly oxen free!!”

But you, like the ice
must be broken up
must choose to become
either water, or air
or forever frozen
in evil’s horrid grip

You must become
crushed in Switzerland
and thus set free forever