Words Like Poetry

sometimes words,
in and of their
individual selves
ring like poems
of the highest order
in the dark night
and language broad
stretches, blanket-like
across the heart
so those words
can shine and sing
in their entirety
creetown__eyjafjallajokull_sundown_by_coigach-d2oamdkwords like
“Glasgow Cloisters”
or “Cairnsmore Horizon”
glasgowcloisters1_by_coigach-d1laamvand “Autumn Blood Mist”
or maybe even
“Loch Deep Still Water”
autumnblood_by_coigachEach word a poem
in its complete
voice ever ringing

2 thoughts on “Words Like Poetry

    • Thank you so much for the kind words…I took the liberty of editing your comment slightly, as I try to keep my poetry/writing separate from my reading interests, and I just cannot find it in myself to enter into the quid-pro-quo of “follow-fishing”…and that is not anyone else’s problem, it is my own limit and quirk. Thank you so much again.

      By the way…you had asked long ago for permission to put a poem of mine to music…and I am definitely open to that if you wish to try. If you do, please feel free after clearly noting that the words are written by me. The musical choice can and will be your own. If it is true, it will live forever…and if it is false, the poem will shrug off the music like mountains shrug off snow. 🙂

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