In The Waves

If I should walk into the sea
and find a bed soft, sandy-wet,
and there lay down, there, lay down me
would you reach out with your heart-net?

I’d lay aside my evening gown
of gossamer and pure moon beams
and let my feet find pathways down
beneath the waves to swaying dreams

that shimmer thru the quiet deep
and beckon me with promise made
If I lay there still, would you keep
my heart inside, every debt paid?

We share a bed upon the land
and swim there in the waves of night
Ah, but in that bed beyond the sands
Will you there be my sweet delight?tumblr_nmyqh44LgX1qat5pio1_500

3 thoughts on “In The Waves

  1. The imagery and feel of this is gorgeous, Charissa.
    “of gossamer and pure moon beams” Sigh….
    One of your poems which begs to be read aloud or sung.
    I’m sorry I’ve been away for so long. Thank you for sending me this – you knew I’d love it. Beautiful! xo

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