Beneath Blood And Skin

we simply must face it,
we are on the brink
of loss blind as wind
and empty as death.

but loss is a gift
when you think about it
it gives us some space
and cleansing tears too

it gives sacred questions
pathways to the center
and old maps long lost
to ancient deep wellstumblr_nqyszmL6dg1qfr1oco1_1280distraction is gone
what’s left to distract?
we can burrow deep
under blankets of dark

and holes in our heart
that nothing can fill
but pure love and light
shining in and out

so now we can go
out into the world
and carry these things
to all who are hungry

for true things not false
beneath blood and skin
and deep in our bones
the true love of Godtumblr_nv8krmnkUW1s4uwt4o1_1280

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