The House of My Heart

If you sit down in my life
and find it snug, merry, warm
and full of the smells
of bread baking and
food cooking…

then you have made it to the porch.

If you stand in horror
at the mess you see
the dirty laundry next
to the washer running

then you have made it to the mudroom.

If you walk, amazed
and cannot find words
for those rooms unfolding
and full of art, of music
of funny lil knic-knaks,
and the only uniting theme
is wonder…

then you have made it into my heart.

And if you find the stillness
filled with golden light
and fierce joyful gladness…

then you have made it to my soul.christine-ellger

5 thoughts on “The House of My Heart

  1. If I wasn’t in an airport and on just an iPad, I’d send you the Brave Girl’s link and desciption of their “Soul House”
    I love this Charissa. Remember me telling you about the book, The Shack? The narrator mentions meeting Mama in her kitchen baking bread and your first stanza reminded me of this.
    You have a beautiful home and I’m blessed to have stepped in to visit. xo

    • Oh my…it is sooo funny that mention of The Shack

      I think I have told you before that I actually went out of my way to not read it…and at the time I had no idea why, as my baby and my girls were reading it and urging me to read it. I knew the author for a snapshot and a season…

      Now I am glad…because I know that the imagery we share in common comes from Mama and is not derivative of anything but Her Revelation.

      And now that you know my true address, come over anytime, and kick up your feet.
      Oh, and if you don’t see me right away? You know your way to the steam room…

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