I Lost Time Today

I lost time today…misplaced it completely
as I sat, wondering how
the lavender takes body and position
in the skies above.

Does it wish its way up there?
Does it woo with song and dance?
Notes so sweet floating on air
to paint and wash and seize its chance
to smear its bloody beauty stain
upon the sky’s face once so plain
just blue…and now in wonder-grains
of beauty brief that won’t remain…

I lost time today…

5 thoughts on “I Lost Time Today

  1. A beautiful evocation of a glorious scene. The questioning and the richness of the poetry, and the sense of losing time and self in the scene, is a very Keatian effect, both seductive and subtly melancholy.

    • Hiii Elli…thought of you last nite, whilst at my spoken word group. I read “In Arpeggio Miles”, “Me and My Cat-Hair”, “Catacombs and Caverns”, “This War on Us”, and “I Prefer Cats” (which I am very happy was understood as not primarily about cats at all!!)…

      I almost read this one, but it is still a bit too close to me. And the notion that these things may all exist only in the presence of a self-aware knower. Imagine if you will…self aware knowers who traverse some void, walking, and the universe lights up before them, around them, and then falls back into the void as they pass…that we carry the universe in its entirety within us, holographically, and our brains/minds/souls like spiritual phosphorescent tubes that light up when the cathode rays of God’s presence bisect us and escort us into the heart of mystery…

      Need Van Morrison and Van alone to sing me there…there.

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