“Random Acts of Kindness” are an impossibility, so just be kind!!

Constance…I FUME over the classification of these acts of kindness OR ANY ACT OF KINDNESS as random.


If there is anything random, Evil is what strikes in this way…seemingly no rhyme, no reason…no thought, sentientness or awareness or planning, or the most crucial element…choice.

We…humans…image-bearers, signifiers and signified both…we have choice, and thus have power over the forces that move and kill on random tides flowing.

The reason that you and I feel that welling lovely pain in our hearts as we read of what people have done is because they have chosen to value a greater good to the highest degree, and made the heart choice to be the love in this world and to do this to whomever was in their path regardless of knowing them or not…

…but not random.  No.

Kindness is the very breath of God.

Love, Charissa


Let love be your guide, intentionally considered, liberally practiced.

6 thoughts on ““Random Acts of Kindness” are an impossibility, so just be kind!!

  1. Another wonderful post and one I completely agree with. I hope that your Thanksgiving week has been wonderful and that you know how thankful those who come in direct contact with you or come in contact with through your writing feel.

    • Giggles…oh gosh Brandy, it definitely is a strong word, and it can be negative, I sooo agree…I am a clumsy poetess who works hard and sweats at my craft. I was fishing around for a whimsical and tongue in cheek spirit to infuse this poem. For the regular reader who sees in my work over and over again “Credo” (or “I believe”), the title of the poem “I do not believe…” is a clue that there is a different agenda at work.

      My attempt was to use that word in overstatement to make a point about the contrast between true randomness (which has no awareness…of fuming, of crying, or laughing or adoring or choosing) and spirits awake and intentional, thinking, assessing, and deciding and then acting.

      I will keep working, and practice my skills so that I can be ever more deft and even more subtle…

      again, I am so honored and blessed that you came to read, and even more cared enough to comment…I am the better for it.
      Bless you!! For you have blessed me,
      Charissa Grace ❤

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