I SOO love the exposure of the entitlement thinking here…

the following photo was take in 1937 and captioned as follows:

In 1937 two women caused a car accident by wearing shorts in public for the first time

I read the following comment on a site where I just spotted this:

No they didn’t. The man driving his car who took his eyes off the road because he was staring at a pair of women caused a car crash. He averted his eyes from the road, he endangered other people and he crashed his own car. This is all the proof you need that we live in a society that blames women for things they didn’t do.

Constance…your assignment for today:  think of all the ways that we blame shift in our society…because blame-shifting is such a common thing for humans to do anyway (hey, see Genesis:  the woman blames the snake, and then Adam blames the woman, and then blames God too…).

But there are huge ways we do that culturally…rape is a good one to look at.  Ways that people are either empowered with entitlement in shifting blame to women for being raped, or ways that women are violated even deeper in that they are made responsible for their own violation.

Race is another one…and the issue of “driving while black, walking while black, or fill in the blank while black” and how police authorities then blame-shift their own hatred, or fear, or whatever onto the ones they brutalize.

Religion is another, and it is a veritable tennis match as haters on both sides shift viscous volleys of blame back and forth from “those damned liberals” to “those ignorant fundies”.

And now that you are warmed up…how about just lil old you?  How do you blame shift onto others?  (Charissa will not comment regarding her own woodshedding with Mama regarding that Q)


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