Save Your Magic

I saw these pictures laid out just now…and oh how I laughed!
Constance, how often have you found yourself
in a situation in life that is basically just uncooked fries?

They are raw, frozen, and must endure some heat
to be transformed into something
edible and delicious.

And yet, you fear the flame, you dread the pain
and thus you look to magic for escape
the magic place inside that we all have.

Magic isn’t free, no!  It involves
a different kind of pain, more permanent,
more costly and more precious in its gift.

Hey, open up your heart and let a smile
consume your face like sun consumes the night!
And get you in the oven…get you in your fight!!

and let your fries be cooked so you can eat
and with such joy your days you’ll rise to greet!!


Her Mercy Womb

All the relentless blows,
the pains, the wounds.
All the mummy-wrap wadded and
shoved roughshod down my throat
and through my heart…
The searing letdowns,
the cold denials of
heaving and wrenching begging.
Burdens allowed to pile up,
build up, bury me
in desperation and despair.
And silences…towering,
looming, lurking, leering,
mocking, unlistening…
All of these things
were horror to me…
But to Mama,
they were the womb that She wove
to carry me full,
carry me careful,
pregnant with me,
Her Daughter,
Her Offspring of Grace




Breaking into Wholeness

There, ‘neath the charred and crisp skin
the hull, the shell, the null…
Something shines,

laughingly lurking and eager
to break thru the crusty cap and gleam
brilliant and true.

Fire and rain have fallen
and taken tribute from
my bleeding vital heart,
and twisted back again and over,
licking kissing and
claiming all their bounty…

what can be shaken is
what can be eaten is
Leaving…what?  Who?

Leaving me
Charissa Grace
Shining thru.