Turning Inside Out

my skin is stained by your lips
stained red, stained wine, crushed grapes
delicious between your white teeth.
my skin is blue from your touch so cold,
so hot within ice cold choice austere,
your love so cold it’s hot
my skin is purple, it’s smeared
with your tough tenderness, your fingers
painting in loops and whorls
and I, tattooed by your love
and thinking it done, it forever
indelible fait accompli…
Matthew Joseph Peak-www.kaifineart.com-1
But it washed off in the rain
of days, of years, of lifetimes
until I was white as snow

*as if untouched*

So I turn myself inside out
and I wear my soul for my skin
and I’m stained always and again
by your lips
by your words
by your touch

*by you*