Whether Cold Or Hot

when Truth a blanket insufficient is convicted
and self not be well covered over hands so cold
and madness gibbers in your shiv’ring teeth that chatter
and feet exposed to cold night air and bones that feel so old

I say it’s Self that must be altered!
For Truth it is the size that it must be
Seek not to grow the Truth, for it will alter not
But shrink your self to fit beneath…

whether cold or hot.

The Preening Self

i like to color
fill in the spaces with
my heart-shades of
silvers, or hues
shades of yous

but somewhere
along the way
it got complicated,
became a contest
and the templates changed

now there are
places to color that never
even used to be places!
now people tense up
tighten up and yet another
competition has begun

give me places to color
but not too many
lest I get lost
in the preening self