An Unfolding Revelation

A crucial facet of biblical revelation is its complexity and nuance AND its unfolding nature.  As human beings differentiated from their culture around them, influenced by the salt of the Word of God over centuries, changes occurred.

Christians have historically walked in fear and sought to make God in their own image.  Human beings in general do not like change, and want a static and unchanging picture.

But God is infinite, and so much greater than our momentary glimpses…the faith journey involves trusting Them as They unfold the next glimpse…and to center in on those things that endure and abide and never change, among which are faith, hope, and love.

The graphic below illustrates how this has taken place, on just one topic:  marriage.  If you try to make each one of those biblical references theologically binding, you end up in prison…sadly, that prison of theology most christians lock themselves into and call a palace.

I assure you that other graphics that would look similar could be fashioned and would have the same message:  God is greater than the revelation of God, and God can be trusted to bring us to that place that shows faith, hope, and love along with the character traits of this God who Sacrificed all for us…this God in whom Justice and Mercy kiss.

Advent Poems: The Season of Revelation

the arrival of that miracle
our hearts all know lurks
just outside this skein of time,
practicing its own waiting
for the miracle moment of emergence…and
redemption of yet another season of waiting.


A God
shouldered It’s Way
into the world today…
This God, revealed
rough and roaring
and wrapped in the skin
of this baby asleep,
hidden here in our heart


Reunion waits for me and you…
That towering act of redemption
Resounds throughout all of creation, today


Lion, Lamb and Baby through the smoke
Paying every Promise that They Spoke


God has stepped into our world
to dig us out of every prison
we disguised as snug burrows
and cozy hobbit holes


This Christmas,
nothing has been exposed…


Time will never simply pass by
without engraving its mark
in a stab to my heart or a tender sweet touch
or a mortal wound bleeding and dark


Kneel where you are, for that is where it is,
that lowly manger unseen by the great
and in that manger, there inside of you
your face upturned and wet with Heaven’s dew
the Christ Child comes to make all things brand new


to come to us now.
Them with us
move in us
empty us
to satisfy us
dine with us
and hunger ever sharp and sated
all at once


…and we?
With gratitude we enter, invitation tightly clutched to aching breast…
we kneel hushed and astonished safe and sound as we are changed
by this Child’s Gift (or is the Child Himself the gift that’s given?)
Invited to approach and revel, knowing what we’ve always known
is finally here and shining present, Sacred Heart Alive Forever
in the season of fulfillment pure and everlasting…


…and so we yearn, together, aching
in the lonely moments waiting
perfect timing of those winds
to blow away the mists
and let that mountain shine again
in solid clarity and splendour promises
that someday the Divine Loneliness
and human grieving longing
will be overcome by
Faith and Hope and Love


I am mindful of
many things I hold in faith,
committed to God


For here it is we sit and wait,
for the coming of our Heart
Their meaning to our Core impart.

Today, the Life Revealed,
the Heart of God Revealed
utterly different than the heart of man

And you?
Here in this season of Revelation?
Do you dare?

Look within
Look without

and see what is revealed.