Around Crooked Corners

Be careful to peer around the crooked corners
and slide around the slippery slopes
(not down them…it’s bananas at the bottom!)
because life lurks there, around corners
and is easily missed.

But you must not look straight at it
or it will simply fade and leave
that grin hanging in mid air.

No…look askance, in glimpses…
watch the work-worn wrinkled hands
of old women scraping turnips,
or the quick certain pittipats and flour puffs
of the baker and her turnovers and pop-ups…

if you can stand it, and not blink
you will see God take the stage
in the need of our hearts
for stories…stories!
Once upon a times
and happily ever afters!

Oh, this life isĀ not for everyone!
Those puffed up Pillsbury dough boys
all full of wealth and self-importance
and those Mr. Cleans engorged
with religion and selfish knowledge,
well they are dancing around idols
of such gross magnitude
they cannot be disturbed
by such trivia as butterfly kisses!

They cannot bear to gaze
upon the ordinary, or wade
in the shallows of Overlook Creek.
It has too much weight for them,
the weight of ordinary life.

And so they do not see that Garment Grasped
they do not hear that Bartimaeus cry
they do not know that life on the fringe
is the center of the universe.91c1a971aa9dbd2c6df7af97fd03c42a