A Thousand Times Again

Dearest Darling…

I would choose you…anytime, everytime.

Again and again.

You are the best forever.

“Her mindset will raise your children.
Not her body and good looks.
Choose wisely.”

I saw this quote…and I thought about the things that have been hurled at you this last year.  I want you to know that the only choice that really matters is the one I made, and that I would make it again, as many times as I had it to make.

You are the person that I loved, and love.  It was your SELF…your way, your mind, your heart that I wanted wrapped around any children I had…and I still think that you are the cream of the crop and a fabulous mother.

And you’re hot too!!  Lol!!!

Love, metumblr_ntt9x896Ux1uasc29o1_1280

Moi Aussi, dearest ones of my heart…moi aussi

10 things your mother never told you

1. You made her cry.. a lot
2. She wanted that last piece of cake
3. It hurt
4. She was always afraid
5. She knows she’s not perfect
6. She watched you as you slept
7. She carried you for longer than 9 months
8. It broke her heart every time you cried
9. She always put you first
10. She would do it all again