An Unfolding Revelation

A crucial facet of biblical revelation is its complexity and nuance AND its unfolding nature.  As human beings differentiated from their culture around them, influenced by the salt of the Word of God over centuries, changes occurred.

Christians have historically walked in fear and sought to make God in their own image.  Human beings in general do not like change, and want a static and unchanging picture.

But God is infinite, and so much greater than our momentary glimpses…the faith journey involves trusting Them as They unfold the next glimpse…and to center in on those things that endure and abide and never change, among which are faith, hope, and love.

The graphic below illustrates how this has taken place, on just one topic:  marriage.  If you try to make each one of those biblical references theologically binding, you end up in prison…sadly, that prison of theology most christians lock themselves into and call a palace.

I assure you that other graphics that would look similar could be fashioned and would have the same message:  God is greater than the revelation of God, and God can be trusted to bring us to that place that shows faith, hope, and love along with the character traits of this God who Sacrificed all for us…this God in whom Justice and Mercy kiss.

October 10th, 1981

She walked in white
and wore a white dress simple.
she was Beauty writ so blatant and blinding

Her eyes flashed smoking, fierce she ruled that day,
her day, and as her one choice my day too
and all was bent and formed in her glance.

There was a muddy brown hillside behind the church,
slick with recent rain fallen brown and fragrant
onto October ground boasting in pumpkins and passion.

She was eager to the altar ascend, and she hiked her skirts
and then herself and up that muddy slope treacherous she
trod on hinds feet, on glory wings and she was come into her Own.

I stood fearful, clad in brown drab (and hidden inside the hole of me)
I cried out “be careful baby!  omg don’t fall!”
and she turned, halfway up, left leg poised up hill,

right leg firm, rooted to the very core of the Earth (and her solid present self)
and turned loose those brown lasers on me…flayed me, saw me hiding
(but didn’t know it was me she was seeing).

Her hair moved in the dancing wind and she flung out her hand
(oh her right hand sought, kissed, and become my bridal bouquet)
and she said “Do you actually think I would Stumble on my wedding day!!??”

I wanted to fly into a million pieces, each one singing screaming crooning
blessedblessedblessedblessedblessed…I wanted to coalesce, come out,
but instead I just stood there, gaping and fearful and frozen.

Her lids lowered (that adored half mast glance),  softened even
as they grew more chrystal amber gold and she said
“Come on up baby, I am here always” (ohhh)

I took her hand and ascended (were my feet even on the ground?)
and we walked into that building decorated and celebratory
and got scolded by the clucking biddies cus we saw each other before…

The next time I saw her, she moved in music and light, rode waves
and walked forward to stand at my side and never go.
And then she said I did, I do, I will…then we lit Our Candle

and I was delivered to Joy forever.
Happy Anniversary my Dearest Darling
I never lived until there was you.

Love, Charissa Grace