(A form of Japanese Proverb)
[あいえんきえん, aien kien]
shared bond, mysterious bond
(lit.: shared/mutual fate/destiny/bond, strange/mysterious fate/destiny/bond. This phrase is a classical yojijukugo
(a four-character idiom in the style of classical Chinese)
used to refer to the mysteries of attraction and relationships
between men and women; perhaps also between men and men,
or women and women, though no such usage has been seen classically).

shared bonds mysterious
played out in fates mutual,
proclaimed by destiny

destiny conquered, that is!

400 years and dead silence
under the sun, inside
the ruin and run
of life lived praying
to a “no comment” God.tumblr_nho490RuES1rgfa66o1_500my faith persists 合縁奇縁!
my faith like white blood cells
spawning from my bones
and then devouring anything
they deem dangerous to destiny…
and then dying in the James Dean Code
of live fast and die young.

In the 400 years.
Of Silence.
Under the sun.tumblr_n4dz3xUIfL1t2po5ao1_1280I felt it like bones, the silence!
I felt it like bones, my faith!
And I knew it like I know my bones

And from here and now,
after the Word spoken
400 years seems like seconds.

But what about the people
who lived then, under that sun
and were 合縁奇縁
by history
by destiny
by bond?tumblr_nhn4v5Btim1r2zs3eo1_1280Whole lives lived and
not a word!
not a finger!
lifted to lay them down gentle
in the bluebells of a warm midnight!
God sat in Heaven like Summer
and said nothing like Winter.

Silence…400 years…and people
living whole lives from gun to tape
and not one word in
aienkien  合縁奇縁 .tumblr_nhmhn4dbSR1r3t8ico1_1280So when was it enough?  The silence?
How much is enough!
Did God finally see people yearning
like kindling yearns to be tossed
into the fire and be consumed
and become flame,
become heat,
become smoke
rising and fragrant and free?

tumblr_mx5ic3qFYG1s0x275o1_1280I’ll never know here.
But I sense somehow that
Silence has its languages
that speaking knows not of,
verbs that act in stillness not moving
and speak to a people

(aienkien 合縁奇縁)

thru epiphanies.