The Lense Thru Which I Read My Lil Red Songbird…

I need my small, meaningless lies. I need all my self-created semi-truths.
It’s the only way for me to keep exclusive parts of myself to myself.
Believe me, I do not even perceive them as lies.
It’s something different that keeps happening inside my head.
At the same time, I long to tell you the truth about me, always.
I want to share with you each important or unimportant detail and feel and fully embrace the very act of sharing.
But it occurs to me that it’s the hardest of tasks; I hate it.
I hate unveiling bits and pieces of anything permanent or temporary that resides in me.
I loathe it with my heart.
You can find more honesty in the smallest of my gestures rather in my words;
my words are too impatient, too loose, too doomed in some way.
Anaïs Nin


That Space Between Time And Eternity

“Night. The stars and the moon impassive, undisturbed, eternal. A little of their impassivity flows into me. They are consoling. They reduce the intensity and acuteness of human sorrow. I feel less strangled, less oppressed.”

Anaïs Nin, from The Diary of Anaïs Nin, Vol. 3: 1939-1944

*****     *****     *****     *****     *****


ha!!  HAH!!
and undisturbed
never, forever

stars are not
and impassive.

they sing
they dance
they cavort
they shout
they occupy
the space between



and don’t even
get me going
on about
the moon!

Night is
the occasion
for the moon
and the stars
to heal us.tumblr_nuprhd5Af11s4uwt4o1_1280

How I LOVE this Quote

I have never encountered it before, but I have been told similar things before…accused of sincerity.  Oh, and accused of being “enthusiastic” also.  I cried when someone said that to me with the intent to injure me…until the Lady Grace directed me to go read the definition.  It literally means “filled with God, infused with God”.  I have proudly been sincerely enthusiastic ever since, in the most intentional of ways. 🙂

“I adore the struggle you carry in yourself. I adore your terrifying sincerity.”
Anaïs Nin

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