Less Than A Memory

she will be lauded
for persistence
and bearing up
in difficult circumstances…

and I?

Less than a memory
of a brief rainstorm
in the midst of a long
hot summer heat wave.

But I am more…


I am a maelstrom,
not a cute summer storm.
It takes more inner destruction and power
to restrain myself so ONLY sweet summer showers
come forth to water fragile egos
ERRR plants…

I am a whirlwind in harness,
an earthquake in red ballet slippers

I am a fire unleashed
and in a tiny hearth
crackling merrily
on the side of the audience
while I HOWL to the night and cold

I am a river deep and swift
that delicately plies at the banks
where the fearful creep to drink,
and I playfully splash their cheeks
while I rage in rapids at rocks
in the center until they are sent
in sandy squishes to the sides
swirling beneath the flick
of the silver salmon tail…

swishing away
less than
a memory

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